Founded by Alexander Van Name, 310ScienceMath offers cutting edge support to students focused on learning science and math for grades 7-12. Over the years, the company has provided in-home private tutoring for the Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills area, thus the name “310” as part of the name.
With an increase in technology, a revolution in teaching and learning is underway. Innovations in cell phone technology has increased the power of these mini computers to deliver video and application. While many focus on entertainment, there is significant potential for technology to aid in learning. While nothing will replace good teachers, “Smart” devices provide an exceptional opportunity for students to learn. We focus on giving students the methods and the freedom to learn effectively, when, where and how they want it.
310ScienceMath strives to provide the best in-home tutors for science and math, while making available video, worksheets, and online classrooms available to students 24/7.

Aren't you more of a Science guy?

My “official” journey as a science educator began while was at Stony Brook University, studying Biochemistry. There I became fascinated with the information that my teachers were presenting. I always enjoyed doing laboratory activities and learning about the details of how the universe operates in chemistry and biology. Mathematics was a natural part of my major because so many computations were necessary in order to demonstrate the connections and relationships within chemistry and biology. How else would you know if something was directly proportional or inversely proportional? You need data, and that means experiments! Lots of them!

Why Online Tutoring?

While I was still an undergraduate at SUNY Stony Brook, I applied for a pre-calculus teacher assistant position. All the positions were filled, and the director instead offered me a position to TEACH math at the university. I enjoyed teaching very much and the seed was planted. After graduation, I worked in a few laboratories, but this quickly became boring for me.

I decided to continue graduate studies in education and after a semester at SUNY Stony Brook, I transferred to Columbia University. I quickly learned how teaching had a larger connection to areas of social justice and empowerment of individuals to rise from poverty through education and self-development. I learned socioeconomic implications of educational policy, latest teaching techniques, science gadgetry, and a wealth of knowledge from award-winning professors engaged in pedagogical research.

How We Help Your Child Achieve and Exceed Their Educational Goals?

Upon receiving my Masters in Science Education from Columbia University, I began teaching At Ossining High School in Ossining, New York, Westchester County. There I learned from a variety of teachers. After nine formal observations, and several informal observations, I acquired tenure and lifetime permanent certification in New York State. I was invited by one of my mentor teachers to join him in teaching a specialized program for students interested in developing original scientific research, under the mentorship of scientists working in laboratories and private biotech companies.

Through SUNY Albany’s University in the High School program, Ossining offers a three-year science research program to high school students. As the students reached various levels of completion within their projects, they entered science competitions and competed with schools around the county, the state, and the world. Some of the most prestigious competitions included the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF.org), the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS.org), the Siemens-Westinghouse Science Competition (Siemens-foundation.org/en/competition.htm), the Intel Science Talent Search, and the International Science and Engineering Fair(ISEF.org).

In search of greater adventures, I moved to Los Angeles, California and began working for Wildwood school, a private school located in West LA. I taught chemistry for two years and gain valuable experience and exposure to other forms of assessment. Students were given tremendous feedback and specific details in a project-based learning environment. I was impressed with the small class sizes, and the personalization that the teachers put forth assessing students and creating a successful environment for them.

I decided to come back to public education, and currently teach for the Los Angeles Unified School District. I hold and maintain a California teaching credential, in addition to my New York teaching credential. While many of the schools have seen funding cuts, I have the privilege to work for one of the more prestigious charter schools. There’s a tremendous diversity in the school system that reminds me more of the environment that I taught in New York. I enjoy the variety of languages, cultures, intellectual levels and social integration that occurs at my school. I’ve taught honors level and general level science in California.