Tutoring Services

  • Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology

  • Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry

  • Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics

  • Arithmetic

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 1 / Algebra I

  • Algebra 2 / Algebra II

  • Pre-Calc, Calculus

  • Math Analysis

  • Engineering (including Arduino)

  • Website Creation (WordPress)

  • Environmental Science

  • Español, Spanish

  • SAT II Subject Tests

  • Project Based Learning

  • Time Management & Prioritizing

  • APPS and Technology

  • Project Planning

  • Communication Skills

In-Home, Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring, with an experienced Science and Math Teacher, has several advantages. First, you and your child are in your home. (Los Angeles Area only) and not dashing to another location. Secondly, a California Certified State Educators can provide highly effective support, because they are deeply familiar with the subject. Third, students learn best when they are in a comfortable environment. Schedule a tutor to make efficient use of precious time and accelerate learning in the face of busy teen-schedules.

Online Tutoring Session

Online tutoring makes sense especially when a student is shy, busy, or even out of the country! Traffic in every major city makes the job of parenting even more difficult. Parents want to skip the long drive from place to place and destress knowing that someone else can step in to help your child. Get the help you need at an even more reasonable price by scheduling and online tutoring session. Several online resources are available without wasting time. The best resources have been found for you! Skype and other platforms are available.